• Felipe Fasca

Impacts of the European Super League

Actualizado: 26 abr 2021

It’s been a long time since the idea of a European super league came up. All in all, it is a competition that would only feature the best and most powerful clubs in Europe. Lately, though, this idea has started to get shape. In 2020, rumors started to heat up and as of April 2021, the ESL has just been confirmed.

Even though the clubs that will take part in the tournament, such as Liverpool FC, Real Madrid, Juventus, and others, reported that they still have the desire to play their respective domestic leagues, FIFA, UEFA, and six football federations have already announced that every team that plays the new league won’t be allowed to play in theirs, be it at national, continental or world level. But, if that does confirm itself, what would the final impact be?

For the clubs that are among those that are set to integrate it, the expected 15 founding members would share a 3.5 billion euro 'initial infrastructure grants' plus the bigger share of an expected 4 billion-dollar broadcast, with the money split among four tiers of clubs and with the top 6 getting each 350 million euros.

On the other hand, for entities such as UEFA, FIFA, and national football associations, their income would take a considerable hit. Big clubs are the ones that generate the most views and sponsors, without them, the amount coming from those would heavily decrease which would result in a weakening of those organizations.

Others that will be hugely impacted are the clubs that won’t play it. Smaller clubs don't usually have big fanbases, making them rely mostly on broadcast money compared to the huge ones that also receive a decent amount of money from ticket sales and merchandise. As less money will come in from their main source, their financial power will also be decreased, leading to consequences such as unpayable debt in a fight for survival.

The European super league is considered by many, including a great part of the participating clubs' supporters a catastrophe, that, according to many fans. would be the “end of the beautiful game”, the only thing that lasts now is to wait and watch how this soap opera will end.


Do you like the European Super League or do you think it’s going to be the end of football as we know? Do you think small clubs will be able to survive? Is it going to be a success or a disaster? To what extent do the “ESL founders” behave like an oligopoly?