• Fahad Ezzi

Keeping up with Apple

From the startup of Apple, it was one of the most unique companies in the world. People will stand for hours to buy the newly released iPhone. Apple offers its Apple logo stickers for every iPhone user just to brag about how cool their product is. Whatever product Apple releases is followed by success. Whole apps and websites dedicate their content to the company. YouTube channels launch every day only to feature iPhone drop tests whenever there is a new iPhone. Even if their product is not a game-changer, everyone buys it. The iPhone 12 was the best-selling phone in the whole world in 2021 in the first 3 months. How does Apple achieve such impressive statistics? How does Apple keep its market on the rise even when there are only minor improvements in every update? This philosophical question can have answers from many perspectives. The best agreed-upon reason is their marketing.

One of their marketing techniques is making Apple news reach the most sites possible. Apple tries its best to ensure that everyone hears about the new iPhone or other products. The unique thing about Apple and many other smartphone companies is that they do not stress much on ads. However, they get their phones viral in the simplest way possible. For example, they give their phones to celebrities and influencers. They make their websites and lineups very simple for any person to understand their product and services. They also use many other tricks to help their product spread, such as sustainably and eco-friendliness.

On the other hand, even though Apple is very successful, they are not the perfect company. One of the things people hate most about them is their partial ignorance towards some consumer feedback. There are many problems people have been facing with their products, such as the absence of USB-C, the absence of 120Hz screens (which just appeared two weeks ago after people have been complaining about them for more than a year), lack of major improvement in both design and processor, and most recently is "right to repair". Thanks to Apple syncing every part of the screen to the motherboard, it is now almost impossible to repair an iPhone in third-party stores or even at home. People are arguing if Apple claims eco-friendliness, then why can they not just repair their old phones. Wouldn’t this save a lot of parts and material? Wouldn’t this be better for the environment? In addition, even when 5G first appeared on the iPhone, many other phone brands were already selling 5G devices for a while.

Nonetheless, people are still and will continue to buy the iPhone whether Apple is dropping or not because of the excellent reputation they had developed since the CEO Steve’s Jobs, the king of creativity.